What is the division?

It’s me not being strong enough to vocalize things. Rather being stuck behind anger, need, etc. But I sure do love you Stacey!!!


Me: yelling “how are you” at people who appear self absorbed

Me: slamming things at my old house thinking all the neighbors needed to “wake up” and “get it”

The onus is that in all these current situations, I responded correctly!!! Seriously!!!! I think in most cases above people were drunk. I handled it lovingly for all. That is progress!!!

It is weird. I rode my bike to 711, cleaned it thoroughly, then rode home and bar be quiet a hamburger. I definitely did not do anything wrong. But these people are acting abusively towards me. Why am I a target? Is there a reason? Are they testing me because I look strong? Is this what I did to Stacey? If I am choosing a higher road, don’t a deserve respect? Questions. Questions.

Stacey, I am sorry I’m so empty and lazy. No one rally taught me much I guess. I made some cedar baskets and thought I was great. I went and talked to the neighbor. He’s building flutes!!! I feel that I should build something as a process.

Lastly, I’m not going to stalk you. I follow everyone who looks like you. Well just have to walk in to eachother. That’s the only way it will work. Stumble, fall; and kiss. Like a movie.

I got it! When someone asks how I am, I’m going to say, I’m insecure, self conscious, and superficial. How are you?

No no no. Just stand and smile. “I’m insecure and afraid. How are you?” Oh!!!! That’s it!!! I finally figured it out!!!

I found one man today! I somehow knew where to go. I walked right up to him and it was him. Actually I tried one man before. Wrong man. I got my shifter corrected. And figured out my seat. It’s hard to figure out bike seats.

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