What happens next?

It was five or six years ago, Stacey, Mary, and Martin set a precedent that I believe lead to a national movement against sexual harassment and sexual assault. And I played my part by telling the truth and spreading the word. Then a bunch of good happened on my life and I was sitting around, wondering what’s next. Then amber wandered into my path and I did my part there. That was crazy. It was huge for me. Now I’m sitting with an insulated house wondering what on earth could be next. And I think I’m going to be a little more intentional about it. I want my church to grow. To attract and accept more people. Tk be cleaner and more organized. To have more events. And well planned events. I want the wawc to use their garden. And I want to have a job. And bike more. And do more races. And journal more. And eat less. Haha. And make my house nicer. A better expression of me. And I want to give my car to Nadia when she can drive. And build a paddle board. And build a sailboat. And employ people to build those things. And start a side business of custom fiberglass somethings and employ ed and amber.

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