What happened.

Hi Mike,

When I met with you a few months back you suggested that I was nearing the end of a long process of healing and repentance. You were right.
In the interest of sharing knowledge, I wanted to explain what exactly happened with me in the last year. A year ago, my therapist and I opened up a big “part” of myself that was suppressed by a large emotional wound. We processed the trauma using EMDR therapy and soothed the “part” using the gestalt technique (talking to the empty chair). Little did I know all of this is very common and normal in therapy.
Anyway, this part had a HUGE gripe with God. And I did not realize this or that it needed to be dealt with. That is why I started being somewhat defiant about church and going to church, became very egotistical, and ran into civil problems with my Neighbor. I also acted bipolar. I had four huge swings from major depression to complete mania every 10 days. This involves a few major actions that could be identified as completely neurotic.
That is what landed me back in AA and the 12 steps. In the last two weeks I came to terms with this major resentment towards God and things have majorly balanced out.
So, that is what happened and I do believe I am very near the end.
Thank you,

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