Walking clean

I got another flat today. Actually it didn’t go flat. I just didn’t seat the bead correctly and the tube popped out of the tire. Like a bicycle hemorrhoid I suppose. I don’t ever want a hemorrhoid. I want healthy knees, a healthy anus, and a clear head. Forever. I think those are good goals. Anyway I was in capitola and walked home. It was amazing. The colors are so vibrant right now especially at sunset. And I can hold my head up. I’ve cleared out my mind. Really well, the meditation works. No miscellaneous thoughts! It’s great! I am still infatuated with Stacey. It’s going to be like that as long as I can see her Facebook profile picture or until there is a direct conversation. But my perspective of her has changed. She still doesn’t have any faults, but she is just a person. I’m still jealous of a few pictures I saw on her Facebook page when I could see it, but that’s it. So that’s the state of the situation.

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