Turn your handlebars

I read this exclamation, or instruction, somewhere a few months back. And it changed my riding on many levels. For one, turn your handlebars. Sometimes you have to go against what your body is saying and force those bars one way. Not too much. But sometimes you have to trust that the bike is doing something your body isn’t. But more fundamentally, it brought me back to childhood. When handlebars were a big deal! My first bike and my first handlebars. They were cool handlebars. And you could customize them. The word and the thing have gone long lost in my vision as an adult. I look at my bike and see routes, competition, times, hydration, an entire deal. But the pure joy and simplicity of childhood is where it’s at. I’ve tried to go so far beyond… only to realize, I don’t need to look much further than my cool handlebars on my bike.

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