Trail riding reset

Well I’m went dirt biking with the Ruts in hollister. They loaned me two different bikes and I went in two rides today. You could put me on any bike and I’d have a blast. It was a ton of fun. There’s something about me and two wheels and engines. Wow. We went up hills through rugs around turns off camber turns berms jumps downhills rocks faces trails it was good. I love doing sweep, you go and collect all the signs for the route. It’s technical and you have to be good at getting your bike right in the right spot to stop it and balance and get the sign. Then stuff them all in your pouch and everyone thinks your special because you’ve got s pouch full of trail markers. Then off you go! Roll into first gently. Then second. Then third. Then hammer it. Up the hill. Bumps? More throttle and hold on and keep the front going straight. The fourth. Ohhhh. Or on a level trail fifth and sixth! Ohhh and the engine, two or four stroke, just purrs right up to red line. And instinctively you know where to shift. Then down hill. A little crazy. Bike flopping around. No engine. Barely getting any traction. Then around a turn and hit flat ground again and pin it!!!

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