Three days

Well the person is doing s lot better. I think a lack of food, combined with drugs, combined with a lock of attention, led to a lot of bad. She started saying it’s happening today, that they were coming to get her, and she is going to get mean, that’s how she broke her finger. I showed her my garden and asked if she would be willing to plant something in it. Then she helped me clean up after I took out my drywall. And she even cooks for herself! It’s a pretty good deal. And she threw away all her stuff! Talk about the perfect housemate! She just demands that music is on and if I take her pen she asks for it all day. I think it’s going well. My project is basically on schedule. I’m really organized so things go really smooth in a logical fashion. The drywall came all out in perfect sizes chunks and it all fits in my car. I can’t wait to have new flooring. Going to replace all the flooring in the house. It’s going to be a nice beach cottage. Then I’ll probably want to sell it! Oh no.

We had to discuss boundaries today. She was being way too touchy. It will be interesting if she makes it out of this. She’s acting like a four year old. I think a week will actually turn it around! That would be amazing!

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