There is no hope

I feel so lost. Everything is different with a toe down. No biking. No videos. Just sitting at the house thinking about how I want to change everything. Then I sit. I used to have all of this direction and drive. But honestly now I am so confused. I was working so hard towards something, and now it seems like everything is against me. I have all of these people who can’t see past today, and they keep tying to bring me down. What do they want??? I suppose I can just ignore them. Ahh I feel so stuck. What on earth is my purpose? It’s like everyone else hasn’t spent the last five years working. They’re all still unhappy! Everything I do is easy! And I’m happy to do it! And everyone belittles the guy who’s not trying to dominate everything! But is actually just getting things done! How can I come across as real?

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