The truth

It’s ok. It’s all ok. It really is. My childhood was so awesome. I’m always trying to share it with people. Between junior lifeguards, junior explorers, martial arts, popper Keizer, and about everything between, it was epic.

In the summer Santa Cruz mornings, my friends mom would take us to twin lakes beach for junior lifeguards. And it was freezing. And the heater only worked in the floor. So I’d be in the front huddled down against there trying to warm up as much as possible before we got there. And then wrap up in my towel and run down the beach ohhh. It was awesome. And now I live right there.

Then swim practice in high school. It stared at 6 am and I loved it. Show up and get into your swimsuit. And swim. Those were the days. I used to love it.

Or dirtbiking in pozo in college. It wa septic. Get up at 6,drive out, prep the bikes. Get your gear on. Then ride. Ohh it was unmatchable.

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