The truth

Oh no. I had a really hard, and good therapy session. It was good. We discussed a recent dream I had had. And then I asked to emdr to help process it. It got bad. It was bad! Ohhh. It was not good. It’s going to take a few days. I don’t know how to schedule my texture party. Because I want to get it done. Ahhh. Here’s only two people who understand. One is dead. The other has multiple personalities and frankly I don’t trust him. Although I could. I helped him move. I wonder, one day, all the people I have stopped everything for and made a huge push for them, will that mean anything? What about the people who stopped everything for me? Wow. It’ll be pretty amazing. With fireworks. A celebration of awesome. Is this normal? I mean, am I just entering normality? Where it’s just you, and me, and we have to make huge moves for each Other? Who are these other people who are so worried about everything? I know what I am doing. I’m getting sort of dramatic. And it makes the people who haven’t been there … a little uneasy. But no, it’s ok! It’s all ok! You just haven’t been there! Where this moment, is all there is! So we have to fight! Meaning, fight for us! Whether it’s me, and you, or me, and neighbor, or me, and whoever. Let’s get out of the fog! It’s foggy! And start supporting each other! You can’t do it if yer rich. You’ll only know when you’re there! Can we push each other to see were all one? And use vocabulary to hold up each of us to that?

The fog says, you have to be perfect and help solve everyone’s problems. And, you’ll never be good enough. We are GOOD ENOUGH! For the love of God! I know.

The money brings this stupid fog everyone is roaming around in. It says don’t depend on God, the real things , the reality. Just keep chasing my little lure.

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