The ride

I have no idea what is going to happen tomorrow. I have been riding bikes my entire life. But I want to do well. I originally thought, I should probably be in the expert class. I’ll start with the sport class and ride my cyclocross, that will make me slower. Then I rode the course. And I wasn’t sure if I could even finish. I just don’t want to leave the starting line and either have everyone pull ahead of me or crash into someone. I think the start will be key for me. A clean fast start. I’m going to be tempted to go too hard at the start. Will it matter? I don’t know. I’ve raced once before! Ah this is a horrible first race in 13 years. I just want to have fun. But that start…. if I go for it then that will set my pace for the whole race. And I’m pretty sure I’ll be going for it! It will be fun. It will be fun. It’s exciting. I get the whole race thing. It’s adult. You have to plan. Prepare. Train. Control. Balance. Work with others. It’s good!!!

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