The past doesn’t have to matter

It’s true. As long as the dramatic cycles are unwound, and the brain is lead to operate correctly and use its own dopamine correctly, then then the past doesn’t matter and the poor behaviors won’t be repeated. But a proper system for maintains dopamine balance and for continuous trauma processing must be in place. Because any brain is susceptible to short circuiting given a severe enough trauma. But with preparation and education, the past can be forgotten and never repeated.


Ive read a fair amount about EST and the Landmark forum. Their general goal is to release the past and create a better future. And it works. And it’s good. It’s interesting that the founder cane to his epiphany, what is is, after completely forgetting and leaving his past including his family and wife. His life choices don’t matter to me, and I appreciate his philosophy and contribution to our society as a whole with moving forwards. I do believe wars have been averted due to his work and peace has been spread. However, I don’t want to leave my life. I mean, wife.


I think she was mostly just mad that I wasn’t able to continue to keep her brain clear. She had come to depend on it. And I started flailing. Without me and my relentless battle for clarity, I think the teenagers had gotten to her a little. It’s a constant battle. They’re very tricky. They very slyly try to trap you.

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