The lake is clear

But you still have to deal with your own head. It’s smaller than a basketball.

Progress. Going deeper is weird. At first you can feel it. Then as you keep going it doesn’t feel much deeper at all. I am watching the wonder years. Tomorrow, Aladdin. Mirror work. Journaling. It’s happening. I am getting my strength back. I am in shock. But it’s OK. Sleep. Eat. Exercise. Write. Read. Talk. Honesty. Repeat. Present.

Watching out for the narcissist. He comes up and stifles things.

Close the door. The biggest one is looking outside for approval. This comes in so many forms. Pleasing. Saving. It’s an empty door. I have to consistently retrain this. No behavior whatsoever that looks for outside approval. It’s too late for that.

Get the positive energy from God. No where else. It’s tricky.

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