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Here is my summary of healing and health from a neurological point of view. The assumption is that the brain and all it’s parts dictate what the body does, including healing physical and emotional ailments, injuries, and wounds.

This in my opinion includes trauma, grief, emotional scars, PTSD, depression, physical pain, muscular pains, nervous systems, etc.

The brains power over the body can be seen by how your arms move when you tell them to, and also how your cuts, bruises, and sicknesses often heal themselves on their own or with a little help.

The main answer in my opinion is that all pain goes through the “insula”, a part of the brain. The pain, whether physical or emotional, must be processed in the language of the insula in order to heal.

What is the language of the insula?

It is called the “body sense” or the “body felt sense”.

The body sense is WHAT YOU ACTUALLY feel in your body when you feel physical pain, emotional pain, or any other feeling. Happy. Sad. Cold. Etc.

Most people, it seems, are not aware of the actual experience of the feeling in their bodies, but rather only experience the resulting “feeling”, which is an interpretation in our head.

The answer is to get back in touch with the actual sensation fully in the body, at the source, which will allow the insula and all its connections with the amygdala and the cerebellum, and memories, etc to reconfigure and let go of the pain, the wound, the tension, etc, and heal.

More specific informational and sources and books and doctors will be listed below.

In summary, my answer is to get the actual pain system in our brains that stores the memory of pin and deals with pain to work correctly and heal rather than holding on to pain forever, which can cause all kinds of other symptoms.

First things first

See a therapist a few times. Talk does help. In my experience, talk is not the main answer. But it is a necessary part.

Two, for a variety of reasons I believe in Jesus and this to me simply means there is a God who I can pray to and who answers me if I ask for the right things. I believe all God wants is honesty, and in my experience, true honesty is not as easy or as simple as it seems.

Going back to the answer. The body felt sense. It is described by Peter Levine in his book and course listed below. He describes a very simple method for restoring connection and feeling to the body felt sense.


Related neurology

Before discussing more, some information about related neurology should be discussed. The brain is split up in many ways to understand its function. There are actually physically separate parts, like the amygdala and the insula, and then there is a large cerebellum on the outside that is split in to a left and right hemisphere, and then doctors also classify the front and back, and frontal cortex, etc, which is on both the left and right side.



The left hemisphere is generally associated with logic and distinction. It can make big delineations about who I am, what I am not, what is a car, what is not a car, etc.


The right hemisphere is empathetic, and believes in unity. If we did not use our other left hemisphere, we would truly experience the world as if we were everything, similar to reports of acid trips and this also seems to occur during severe traumas. A complete loss of sense of self.

Without the left hemisphere functioning up to speed, the distinction of "me" can be lost or withered.

Limbic/emotional brain

In the brain there is a balance between the frontal cortex and the limbic system.


The frontal lobes or cortex have to do with regulation, moderation, values, and everything related, while the more primal limbic system houses the more intense emotions and reactions. The limbic system generally takes priority and can completely "hijack" the brain and you.

However, the frontal lobe, if properly supported and enriched, has the ability to help the limbic system remain calm and restore proper function as needed. It can keep the brain and person from becoming highly triggered and at the will of emotions in the limbic system.

The point here is that every human brain has the power and potential to essentially regulate all moods and emotions no matter what, so long as no trauma is currently present.

The need here is to properly educate and support the frontal lobe, which will be discussed later.


It is a common misconception that creativity and inspiration come from emotion. While they are interrelated, creativity and inspiration really comes from an entirely different part of the brain, usually the right hemisphere, and fostering creativity really has nothing to do with emotion except that it is supported best with proper emotional balance and perhaps even complete emotional control, by fostering the frontal lobes and repairing any stuck traumas or stored grief.



Everyone knows the brain and the person are creatures of habit, open to suggestion, and open to habit learning. Affirmations are a wonderful way of achieving this. Most people can determine that most of their behaviors and beliefs have been learned and absorbed over time and can be changed.

This seems evident to most people, and most people working in this realm also note that the brain must be open to the suggestion.

There may be many reasons why a brain will not accept a certain new belief. It could be that a stored trauma or stuck grief is so engrained in the limbic system or primal system that it must be undone first. More on this to come.

It could also be that the brain and subconscious dont feel worthy due to a past mistake, a debt, a memory of the past, or something along the lines of "karma".

For example, a person might desire "wealth", but deep inside they know they owe someone money, and so the new belief will never take hold until they clear up, get complete, or amend the debt. Or someone may desire "peace", but deep down they hold tremendous shame, either for an action that needs to be acknowledged and amended, or for a stuck grief or trauma.

More on this later and why the brain may not accept new beliefs.

The main healing methods


As noted, nothing beats working with a professional, which I am not, and these people need to make a living. Three visits may be enough to start the process.


Nothing is more important than honesty in healing.

For one, admitting the problem. I have pain. I have wounds. I have depression. Anything and everything.

Secondly, regarding healing, affirmations, new beliefs, integration, or any change, the body will generally not accept help or love if it knows it is carrying shame, or debts.

Admitting that there is shame, or debts will start a neurological process of acknowledging , processing, amending, and healing.

What's more interesting about honesty, is denial. And denial is cunning and baffling. At its very nature, it is impossible to detect.

So the best thing I think anyone could do for healing, is to simply admit, "I am probably in denial about something, big or small."

And, "I can deal with it and take care of it."

Honesty works best when it is said out loud, when the body hears it being said, when the brain hears it being said, and when another person hears it being said.

What is interesting about denial, is it means a person is being dishonest, and DOES NOT KNOW IT! And it could be anything, and anything really small. And it will tear a person up inside, because something inside knows. And this can lead to all kinds of problems and can even be expressed in physical symptoms.

The best thing I have ever done is to simply admit, "I have been dishonest, and I don't even know how."


The wonderful thing about any denial, dishonesty, or debt of any kind, is that it can be cleared up, cleaned up, and amended, no matter what.

In my experience the body will not heal or function properly if there are any dishonesties, especially with itself.


Journaling is a proven way to help the healing process. Simply writing out the story of the trauma and of the grief, and labelling the emotions involved, helps the brain to detach and process.

Journaling is also a proven way to get honest. And to ask yourself, how am I in denial or being dishonest?


EMDR is a proven therapy, when done with a therapist, that can move stuck memories of trauma or grief, that are visual. It will release the visual triggers and help the brain process them as it processes all memories normal - like a dream.

The key about EMDR is not to control the process or the story, to just allow the brain to process as it does, and not worry about the details that emerge. It is a proven way for the brain to bring meaning, and organization, to traumatic events, and to integrate it in to the rest of the memory, just like how oatmeal smells good and reminds you of grandma, and you don't really get stuck about it.

Somatic experiencing

Somatic experiencing is the bodies way of releasing trauma. By getting in touch with the "Body felt sense", the amygdala, and insula, and the limbic system will release whatever patterns have been lodged in that hijack the brain. It will move grief in a way that nothing else can. And it will relieve physical tensions and sensations that are being held.

What is interesting about the body felt sense, is that it is not predictable. An emotional wound or grief may get stored in tension in the body in a completely unrelated way.

The point is, that by getting in tune with what the brain is experiencing in the body, it will help the insula and amygdala to let go of the tension being held.

Trauma Release Exercises and Tremoring

Trauma release exercises and tremoring take this to another level, by mimicking the tremoring that animals do after entering "Demobilization" or "freezing" due to a trauma. When a person is put in to fight/flight/freeze mode, a tremendous amount of energy is put in to the nervous sytem.

For some reason, human beings have a very hard time letting go of this energy afterwards, and it then gets stored and encoded and can cause all kinds of problems.

Tremoring is a very effective way of telling the nervous system, OK, you can let go of that traumatic energy now. And it works.


Nuero feedback, if done professionally, is a very powerful way of training the brain OUT of the limbic/emotional system, in to USING the frontal lobes to maintain balance and executive function amidst emotions.

EFT / Emotional Feedback Therapy / Tapping

EFT can be learned from a therapist and also helps signal the body to heal, process, and let go of the old wound.

Groups - CODA, AA, ACA, Etc

And obviously, support groups of all kinds are very beneficial to share, learn, hear, and see.

Get to the end

One note, is once the body has been told, it is time to heal now, it will start regurgitating the past, and so once EMDR or Somatic exercises have been started, they must be continued until the body has finished processing, or it will relapse back in to the trauma.


So why try? Because the symptoms of depression, stuck grief, stored trauma, all kind of run together and also lead to all kinds of other things that may not seem related. The nervous systems are all connected and interrelated, and stuck trauma or grief can trigger the amygdala and the limbic system in funny, and completely uncontrollable ways.



Because of the insula, the pain detecting center of the brain, and how it is between the amygdala and the cerebellum, both physical pain and emotions and emotional pain are felt "in the body".

Because of this, some emotional wounds can not be healed completely unless the body is allowed to heal, and this can be done using somatic experiencing and tremoring, and can help the nervous system to let go of things that are being held in the body.

Note that somatic experiencing, tremoring, and EMDR are all multiple steps processes that must be done over time, to reconnect, and that the effects are instantaneous.


A book on somatic experiencing:

Online course:

TRE / Trauma Release Exercises


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