Tell it like it is

I’m getting better at it. This fucking asshole homeless piece of shit started screaming that I was harassing him after offering him my chips. So I yelled back, you’re the problem. You ARE the problem! Earlier some rich weirdo with his girlfriend gave me a really awful look. So I yelled at him, “teenage grunge”. I really don’t care anymore. People need to hear the truth. It feels good. It’s right. The truth is right. I just have to get better at defining it and yelling it.

Some 40 year old surfer in a wagon got mad at me for driving the speed limit. He passed in the other lane, and stopped to yell at me. I told him to grow up and stop being a teenager. He really took offense to it but didn’t have a response.

Stop being a teenager! Stop trying to control everything! Those work well because they can’t argue with it.

This town is chock full of narcissistic teenagers. I hope to destroy them all. It just feels really good to put these narcissists in their place.

I couldn’t believe him. Claiming harassment. What a brat. He’s at least thirty years old. Sitting playing videos games. That really got to me. They’re taking over this city. And not nice ones. Crazy weird ones like that. I want them out of here. I had just come from church. I was in a vulnerable state. He stabbed me in the heart.

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