Sometimes I just want to give up

But then I would go work my 12 step program. And there were a few amends to be made. And it would remind me of her. And how hard she tried and keeps trying. And then I would realize, I could have done a lot better. She’s just reacting to me. She still is. And the funny thing is, she blames herself. And then blames me for being too nice. I honestly think that’s what’s going on. It was my fault to begin with. She just needs to do her job and her activities and not worry about me. When she wants to call, she can call. When we run into each other and talk, it will happen. I think she feels guilty about something. I think it’s all good. If we end up married, I want her all to myself sometimes.

I can tell who she’s been around. And some of the men might think they love her. And that’s normal. It’s inevitable. And maybe I’m not the greatest choice all the time. It’s just a conversation to be had. Both situations. Feelings go all over. But words can lead situations.

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