Sit down son

Ok. Where do I start. First there’s timbuk2’s media. I don’t know who’s behind it but they’re doing what I want. Integrated media. It’s futuristic. It’s insanely good. And their current theme of neon lights is just perfect for it. Wow. Talk about cool. And integrating old themes and campaigns. It’s like a river of love. Or perhaps like grandmas taoestry or whatever those blankets are. That you keep adding to that flows off her lap down the couch and spills onto the floor. That’s what it’s like. And you jut want to cuddle up in the warm fuzzy blanket and sleep next to her feet.

Then there’s God. Something happened tonight. My sister has grown. I have grown. I think my mom has grown. Hah. She’s always been a little behind. But she has grown. I promised not to judge her. She still tries to control us, and I don’t like that. But it was good tonight. And I asked for this. And it was like God said, hello, who do you think I am? Sit down.

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