I think it’s good to be careful in life right now. Just be attentive and strong. It seems like everyone is trying to bring me down. I suppose that is the effect of trying to reach out. I think I am codeoendent. I think I have something to offer to everyone. I do! I have a caring attention. I have cleared my life out and now I can just be present for people. But it seems like I am be being judged heavily for something I haven’t done. I keep walking into people’s lives and they project things on to me. I need to ignore these people. I can’t give that part of them attention. But that necessarily means I need to seek other friendships! So I am trying out some friendships. I feel like Ally Mcbeal or something. At 30. Trying out new friendships. I just wish I could tell someone how much I love them.


  1. admin

    I know! It’s weird! It’s like people don’t like me because I’m happy. I’m really really happy! And it disgusts them. You can’t be happy! You can’t be free! Yes I can! Try and stop me!

  2. admin

    Maybe it is because I keep trying all these crazy things to make other people let go. They won’t let go! They just cling on to their despair and anxiety and all those psycho emotional things. And they don’t even realize, I get it! I accept you! And instead they basque in there lonely unnacceptednace, proving to them selves they can’t be accepted.

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