I was reading about divorce in an email from Focus in the family and they noted a comment about the offended party, and I realized, that’s what divorce is all about. Someone gets so offended that they uncontrollably walk away. It makes sense. The last few years have been a little crazy. I swear I was doing what I was supposed to. Would I do it again? Yes. Minus a few things. I realize I was trying to house homeless people because I was lonely. It was risky. Drugs. AIDS. Hepatitis. But I have immunities and I have good genes. And I wanted to know. How far can you go? And between a few Sherrif visits and multiple harsh accusations that completely destroyed me, it was OK. I think I made an encouraging difference in a few people’s lives. It was just different. Not the status quo. In order to make a big difference. You have to go against the status quo. Change people opinions. Of what’s possible. What they’re capable of. I feel like I live in a dumbed down tv society. People don’t now what they’re capable of. So I tried. And honestly, I am capable of a lot. But it’s God who really makes the changes happen. But you have to wait for it.

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