Nivel superior

I raced the race. I can’t believe how fast some of the people were. Guys in the sport class, even 50 year olds, charged past me on the last hill. All I could think was, how do get that strong? And their legs weren’t bigger than mine. I started fast. I passed 75% of my category. And then me and five guys dukes it out for the rest of the race. It was amazing. I rode the first half way harder than I planned. The last half was really hard but I still hung with my group. Barely. They pushed me to ANOTHER LIMIT. I’ve never ridden that hard. Wow it was good. Then I dropped my chain twice on the last downhill section and got passed :(. On the first level part I got my water bottle out and accidentally threw it off the trail. I’ll try to get it tomorrow. It was weird, the mountain bikers I was with would pass me on the uphill and then I would pass them on the downhill. They were all cheering for me! Go cross bike! Then I cheered for people when they passed me. On the second to last long downhill I was coaxing them on. Go mountain bikers! Or I’m going to pass you! Then they all took off on the uphill. Wow it was amazing. I flew down the fast sections and around some turns. Everyone was stoked to see a cross bike sliding around turns. I even threw in a small whip on one jump. It was awesome. Racing is the way to go. Definitely.

It’s hard to pick my favorite part. The uphills were good. But I liked the downhills more. I think the last downhill was my favorite. You can just get going and all you can do is hold on and try to slow for the turns and then get the tires to press in and keep trying. On the technical downhills I played it safe and slowed a little. I was tired. It was good.

The experts were out of this world. They took off like it was a one mile sprint. I wonder if I’ll ever be like that. I don’t know. Maybe. How do you get like that?

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