I have entered friendly negotiations with my neighbor regarding our property line. His tenant wanted a fence, and we discussed where it would go, and I said I knew that the line is further to his side. So he got a survey. The line was 6″ further to his side. But in the back, it’s three feet to my side at one corner, and three feet t his side at another corner. Where it meets my house it only leave 24″ of clearance to get into my side yard. So I asked if we could move the line to match the fences. It would be an equal trade of square footage. He said yes, but only if I give him that 6″ in front. That would add to the area I give him, so I said no. So he tho7ht it over and Said, no, I don’t want to move the line. He suggested we rebuild the fences on the line and asked if I would help pay for it and if his shed eave could hang over the line. So now I said no, I’m not laying to move the fence, and your eaves can’t overhang. You have every right to build your own fence on the line you now know exists, but please help me understand why you don’t want to move the line, what would make it worth your while to move the line, and please get back to me as I am curious what your response is and appreciate that we have been able to have this discussion. And it would be great to meet your wife and the rest of your family.

The key issue for me I have enjoyed his company and want to continue talking to him no matter what. So I have to respect his final decision no matter what. But it is hard because if he chooses to stay with the lot line, it puts a great burden on me. I don’t understand why he wouldn’t accommodate me, and I am willing to pay for the cost of adjusting the lot description and for the survey.

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