My brain has changed

I have realized that the only way to live civilly is use the civil judicial system. Without it, you have to resort to really aggressive behavior to set boundaries with people that aren’t civil. And that makes sense. So when amber was her today, and she started yelling about how I raped someone, I told her she had to leave. And I wanted to yell and force her out, but that isn’t civil. So I called the police. The other day, a car cut me off twice. It was deliberate. And I thought, I should pull up and say, hi can you talk about why you just cut me off twice? That doesn’t seem safe to me. Are you ok? Maybe I had unintentionally done something they didn’t like! Or maybe that is how they flirt or say hi with their car! I wasn’t even mad. Just concerned. That’s growth right there. Wow.

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