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Right around 9, I start feeling like something is wrong. I feel empty. And then I realize, I need to write in my blog! My blog! It’s my favorite! It really is. It’s where it’s at. I sailed tonight. It was epic. Brandon’s boat is amazing. I waxed the windows and the railing before hand. I had three newbies, got one driving, I put up the spinnaker, and we got moving. It was so much fun. And the sun was red from the smoke. And the. The fog came in hard. We watched it slowly come toward us. I know that little bay so well I brought us straight back to the harbor, without any navigation. Dead on. Took the spinnaker down just in time. It got a little chilly. One man, yosi, he brought foul weather gear and it was good because he got cold. One guy claimed to have been in the americas cup, it was an obvious lie. That made me a little uncomfortable. I can smell a lie and I can’t stand them.

I wonder if she just couldn’t believe someone liked her so much?

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