More gas in the lines

Well the last week was a flurry. I pulled it my floors, cleaned them up, pulled out the subfloor, pulled out the old gas lines, re ran new 1″ gas line which my instant hit water heater LOVES, then sisters ina bunch of supporting joists and blocking, cleaned the crawl space and finished laying down plastic, then put in new subfloor. Oh yeah and replumbed the kitchen. So now the appliances are all in their new spots and the floor is back. It’s a really good layout. The kitchen is much more of a cottage kitchen and accessible and everything, between the new joists and the layout feels much better supported. And big gas lines. The gas lines were $300 in total. Definitely a good investment. Oh and that feeling when you get the joint doped up all good and cleanly and then twist them to a perfect fit. And get all the lengths to work out correctly.

It would have been nice to borrow and extra fifty thousand and just have someone redo this whole place from t(e beginning. But I couldn’t find a layout that was good and remain living here. But it’s been an 8 year journey of sailing and beach and friends staying here so I think it was worth it. This place could be a two story epic cottage. But for now it’s still a great little bungalow thing. With new gas lines! Oh and I got the meter to stand a little prouder and be better supported. The only thing was this was all illegal I did it before getting the permit. But I had to fix it! And I don’t m is what the inspector is going t say because he’ll have to go under the house under all the new flooring. He won’t like that I hear. I may FaceTime him from under the house so I can just crawl around and show him everything.

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