Love the lord your god with all your heart, all your mind, all your soul

If you read the Bible long enough, try to do the above long enough, and attend mikes bible study long enough, the above phrase takes a new meaning. You start to realize this isn’t some cryptic rule book, nor an assemblage of quotable verses, and you start to forget everything you’ve ever known, been taught, or seen in movies or cartoons about it. For one, “the lord” is not the right word. It’s supposed to be his real name that they called him, that we don’t have a word for. YHWH. A real name. Like yours.

More importantly, this was a passage written by real people. And you start to feel a real connection to those people, ages ago. And start wondering, what actually happened here? Not as a fantasy. But for real. A voice from God and mountains shaking. For real. If it happened, it would have been a realistic experience. Nothing like what we all think in our heads or in movies.

It’s so easy to miss the real thing and replace it with our own fantasy. But if God is real, then he is right here. And he said, ages ago, to love him with all your heart, mind, and soul. Not as a commandment on a poster of ten rules. After an epic exodus of delivering people from slavery against all odds, he said it. To us.

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