Like going to McDonald’s with a three year old

What do you want?

I don’t know. Fries. A cheeseburger. And chicken nuggets. And ice cream. And one of those.

I’m trying to do my texture now. It was supposed to be a one day job. But once I started, then I started having more ideas. So I stopped and painted a few things to get an idea. Then I tried doing some pure flat wall in some areas and painting that. Then I tried mixing different muds together to see what that does. This whole ina is just painstaking. Who cares! Just get some stupid t3xture on the walls!! Oh my good ness.

I noticed timbuk2 altered their website. It is still top notch. Literally. It’s amazing. It’s like this evolving canvas. Sort of a blog but somehow relays an entire corporations products. It’s the expression of some subconscious. Who contains the meaning of biking.

I think she’s going to call me. But she’s crazy. She is. She owns a house in Tahoe I found out. Who does that?

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