It’s my brain

It works on metaphors. It puts things together but it takes it a little while to get the big picture. It has taken me three weeks to integrate the idea of what I need to do. It started with a hearing in Marin. I learned something there. To deciding to face the judge in Santa Cruz to make amends with my community. To deciding to face the city council to help and encourage solutions for homeless. The solution. What is the solution? To realizing I need to be a part of the solution. To realizing, “the solution” is a spiritual experience based on following the 12 steps. Then realizing, I need to make amends with the city. Me. I need to. They don’t need me to. But I need to. That’s what it is. No big deal. No trying to control anyone. No bullying. Just me making amends! It’s my fault. And I can admit it.

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