It’s like engineering but better

My favorite part was getting the spreadsheet. That was my favorite. And putting all the data together, inviting everyone to the meetin, and presenting and showing off what I studied relentlessly. It’s natural for me. And now I just do that at everyone’s doorstep. The downside? Everyone is your boss. And there’s 2000 employees. It’s horrendous. I thought I was getting away from a boss and coworkers. Not so at all. Not so.

I don’t know how they do it. Just caulking a house worth of interior trim is about 16 hours. 16 hours of caulking. Caulking. And caulking. And caulking. I used to have a goal. Wait. Marry Stacey. Finish the house. After I met her last time, it hit me pretty hard. It didn’t stop me. But it slowed me down to 250 mph. But I’m back at it. Painting and painting and painting. It takes forever. But it looks so good. Every time. Every time. This truly is an epic beach cottage. It was before. But now it’s got STYLE. SERIOUS STYLE.

I am renting it out. Some people walked through and just didn’t get it. I’m sitting there thinking, it took me 6 years just to put caps on the toilet bolts. To get it to THIS. And you don’t like it?! Fine. It’s my style. It’s beach cottage tijuana. Twin lakes. I seriously considered selling. I don’t think I can! Maybe I should. Just to let go of it. But it must be finished first. Those are the rules. Just like Good to go. Ohhh she had a good time in Monterey. And now Scrambler, impressing the crowds with her new halyards and outboard, and her graceful dash through the sea. Next … Pendragon. With her 50 foot mainsail, and open transom, with 15 crew aboard and one guy in a wheel chair, strapped in but yelling and hollering and waving as the crew follow orders. She’ll be the Wednesday night stomper, her orange belly flashing meanly at the less vivid boats. And if they try to beat her, we’ll see them in the harbor with plenty to say.

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