I’m different

Sailing in tonight, I was on the helm. And there was this huge group of teenagers paddling kayaks, right in my way. So of course, I turned upwind, caught s9me speed, and went straight through them. It’s fun. You can do that when you know what you’re doing. But everyone flipped out and Called me crazy. It was not crazy. It was me doing what I do. Shoot the gap! Duh! What’s crazy is how self righteous people are. Do you know how many people offend me every day? But I let them be themselves understanding, that we are all different. It’s the result of deeply looking at who I am and what matters. But I have to realize, there are things that do trigger me to lash out at others too. But somehow I am this target. Probably because of my posture. I’m working on that. I was hit a lot as a kid.

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