I think everything is OK

Oh my goodness you don’t know how much time I spend trying to convince people that it’s OK. Just do your work! That’s all they need to do. It s a big project, and you just have to start. And convincing people that they don’t need me. Ugh I am so tired of people needing validation from me! Hmm I think that explains a lot. Anyway, things are OK with me! Lately it has felt a little gnarly, but hey go big or go home. I had an epic dream I was surfing double overhead at steamers Kane and a wave washed me back into the point and I just braced and then pushed off the cliff over the wave. It was great. It was a paddling race to Davenport. I think I won too! Then North Korea bombed us but I was so prepared I got on my awd wagon and went around picking up family members and we headed for the hills. Haha!

Oh man and my house! Job? Who cares! This house is really coming together!! Wowwww. Finally. But I think I have too much now. I have a killer lot, a killer car, now two killer. Ike’s, killer skis, and a killer driveway, and I’m really happy too!! I might have to get a junker car so I don’t stand out TOO much.

She was just so feminine. But authentically feminine. It superficially. It was unique.

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