I should have stayed at my last job

I had everything going well. But I thought I needed time off and I could afford to do so. But now I’m working for much less in much worse conditions. And it’s a drag! I don’t have inspiration right now. Maybe I’m growing.

Keep biking. That’s what I need. I had a really, really good day. I ate an omelette, burger, beans broccoli, carrots, a home made pan cake, tomatoes, avocado, trail mix, and some bread. I rode a really good ride, and hard. I walked some people on their horses. I was stronger. Much more peaceful. And happy.

I made some wiser decisions than I normal,y would on my biking route and what to do today. What’s most important?

And most importantly, I left a voicemail asking the most beautiful woman in the world if she would marry me!