I see it now.

It’s so sly.

Anyway, my bike feels much better after I adjusted the seat last month. The tune up is still funky. I can’t quite pinpoint what it is in the read shifting. I got my seat location fire and aft better as well.

It’s odd how much I’ll just take things as they are and try it adjust myself, rather than just adjust the stupid seat.

Cleaning car black trim and leather tomorrow. Cleaned my floors today. Did laundry. Got new deodorant! It felt good today. Kept things simple. But did a lot. A lot of online things for work. A lot of reperspecting. And I thought about Stacey all day. Seriously. I was really focused. Just do my job for Stacey. That’s all I did. No confusion. A woman at the grocery store asked to watch her cart. I said no. It felt good!!! I naturally avoided many people. Natural boundaries!!!!! This is a miracle.

Still sticking to my program. Read. 4th step. Burn the paper every night. Work the amends. Keep seeking the people. I’ll find them. Keep picking up the trash. Oh my God. It hurts. It does. It hurts so bad. I have mini panic attacks. The people. The cars. The attitudes. I cried a few times! But it’s good. It’s strengthening. A big black man walked by today. He gave me a nod of respect.

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