Going for it

I don’t know if this makes sense or not, but my friend and I are getting an Olson 25. It the most epic boat out there and we’re going to share it with everyone. We re sailing from Sausalito Tk Santa Cruz Saturday evening departing around 4 pm. I am going to dive on the boat beforehand as one last lookover. We’re stopping in half moon bay for the night. I’ve been studying the charts and even stopped at pillar point harbor to take a look at it. I’ve got all the lighthouses figured out so we can avoid Mavericks. It’s supposed to blow up to 30 knots so well likely be surfing most of the way down. The boat needs new flares and extinguisher so we’re buying those and foregoing an epirb beacon. A friend suggested we rent one but we’re going without. Otherwise we’ve got a spare of everything and a well planned and documented trip ahead of us. Oh man.

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