Flour creations

Once I figured out the basics of flour, 5e possibilities were endles. There’s flour. And water. Maybe oil. baking soda and an acid to lighten things up. And egg to make it better. Who thought of putting an egg in flour? How on earth would you think that up?

See this little brown 5ing? It came out of the chickens butt. Sometimes we cook the. And eat them. I wonder what happens if you whip it up and mix it with flour? Who would conceive of that? It’s like mixing ground beef with flour. Wait a second…

Or tomatoes with flour. I wonder what that does. I now know the tomaotoe will react with baking soda and make bubbles like yeast would.

Or lard and flour…mmmmmmm

Egg cooked in mashed potatoes? Is that a thing yet? Gnocchi?

Egg and chocolate and flour? Someone must have been sitting around brainstorming.

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