First repel!

Stacey, if you’ve been reading my blog, of adventures, you might know that a goal of mine is to climb a certain granite and quart wall. I also promised you I would do this. I think. Anyway, today I got a static rope good Fer repelling and too roping. I also have a gri gri and ascender from climbing my mast. And some beaners and a few other things. So I went. Scoped out the top. Went to the bottom. Looked for places that might erode or crumble and crash. Then I decided I want to practice going down and up over a ledge first. So I went to 19th Ave, Rudd a loop around the bench atop the overlook, and went over the ledge. It was all fine and great. When I got back up, I went to my car, put my hand on the finger sensor thing, and nothing. Hmm where are my keys?

I knew this could be dangerous alone. So I took more time and planned it out more. But losing my keys? Really? So I jogged home, got my bike and a flashlight, and whew, they were right in the middle, in some ice plant. It made me think. One should always put reflective tape in their keys. then i sat there, turned my headlamp off, and enjoyed the stars. It was pretty cool.

I would not recommend repelling the bluffs in Santa Cruz. Erosion!!! Literally I ate into someone’s land by about an inch I think. Yikes!

So, that was that.

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