Evil rumors

Sometimes I get the impression that there are these evil rumors about me. Like I am bein carefully watched and scrutinized for every facial expression I make or every person to whom I look at. Or every noise I make. I am free to live and act however I act! I can’t control my body language! And that’s ok! If there are rumors, it’s just other people pain and defenses. It’s their only option. If they could do something more healthy they would.


When she got a restraining order against me, I really appreciated that she had write out her side. And that I had to read it. It showed me her perspective. She had values and priorities that were different than mine. It was like being exposed to this other world, that didn’t yet exist in my comprehension of reality. So I set out to find it.


Even if we weren’t friends, we did have a relationship. It consisted of me writing her a letter, and then her writing me a letter, in the form of legal paperwork. But I loved it! It was her hand writing and the truth written out.

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