Bell pepper

Brussels sprouts



Ride to Davenport

Groomed the park

ACA meeting

Made an awesome drawing for you

Riding up, had conscious contact with God. it’s a big white light. Felt like I might be dead. Feel like I am killing my mom. I can’t give in.

Building control and sanity. It’s good. Focus is pleasant, not tense. Feeling better. Containing feelings. Containing people. Containing identities.

Anyone who bothers me represents something inside of me. I am working at containing it all. Visualizing that. Visualize my brain. It’s all actually just inside that little thing.

It’s a dance. I didn’t realize the golf swing is a dance.

Life is better when you lotion your bumhole. I sort of accidentally did this today. But after a ride, things were way better in many ways.

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