Dopa mine

It’s helpful. And I think positivity is all about creating it naturally. Even just saying it helps. There’s also other chemicals and mind states too.

I have always hated social media. That’s the truth. But then came, authentic social media! And I was dumbfounded! Literally! Is this from heaven?

And why does that word almost sound like heathen? I don’t know. But what does heaven mean? Stacey Davenport. That’s what heaven means! To be dopamine.

We’re gettin on the same page. Normally I put out some social media and a week later Timbuk2 Is using my words. Today, she used my word in a letter I wrote to her on paper! I was like wait, I didn’t out that on the internet. In fact sometimes I can’t remember if I texted her something or not. Wait, did I just text her?! Ok ok phew.


unity! Ohh it took me all night to think of it. It was the perfect climax for my letter. It really pulls the whole thing together.

Anyway, she knew my word. We’re really communicating now. Honestly I think it’s body language, spread through people. And our bodies are talking to each other. So I woke up and started talking about unity with my body language. And by lunch time it had hit her work. Little messages. Spread throughout the world. Maybe even with a defined recipient. Who knows.

Today, at church, we talked about an interesting thought experiment. See two teenagers, fully in love, swinging on a swing, talking. Then talking to eachother on cell phones later. Then imagine two 79 year olds; fully in love, swinging in a swing for hours, not saying a thing. Are they communicating? And which form is better?

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