Dearest Stacey,

Perhaps you are afraid of you console a man they will become obsessed with you and stalk you and something bad could happen. Rape is a reality, and it is undesirable. So, are you afraid of being raped? That is a serious concern.

Perhaps you should bring a male friend and be very very yo front and honest about everything with both parties. Or talk to a female probation officer.

Most importantly, get clear yourself. Rape is real. You must be afraid of it, as much as me or anyone. You are more vulnerable than me.

More importantly, why do people stalk you? You have to come to terms with that. They are actually trying to tell you something.

If you approach someone in the right way, it could never be dangerous. If you approach them in the wrong way, the worst will happen. I can intimidate pretty much anyone so this is not a concern for me. But you probably can’t.

So take it slow! Get true and honest with yourself first. Talk with women about all of these things.

The goal is to offer support to grief and to someone like me. If you need to bring two other people, do it. It will help all of you.

You don’t know what it will bring you. But it will be good.

You are like me. There are subtle things going on with you that you don’t know you don’t know. Not much. It’s small subtle things. For me it was huge obviously.

While we have the exact same goals, we are very strongly subtly opposed.

And that is why I love you.

Our oppositions have the power to destroy us. So we have to both be open to trusting in a higher power, humble ourselves to do what we need to do, and do it in the right fashion. If you stay in the right plane it will all work out wonderfully.

We could do it together too!!

You could listen to my story!!!! Preferably not at the probation department!!!!


Ok. Maybe start with an older man who is wheel chair bound. You can find them all over. In front of senior living places, the vets hall, all over. Just get your mind asking for what you want and it’ll find the right person. Their body language tells your mind I think.

Or a police officer. Ask about grief on duty. What is hard to see. Hard to deal with.

The pint is you are at the upper echelon of humanity. And you can’t grow until you give it back … in order to see your own lies to yourself. We have to learn to approach the world in a way of facing the lies and knowing how to talk to it, or else we’ll forever be in opposition to everybody, including you and me, and apt to try and hide behind enablers, and then well never come together!

I don’t know how you’ll find the right man to bring. There’s a few who will just try to keep you enabled. They’re just sucking off you. Oh it’s so bad! That is your first task. Find the right man who can be real. Like your dad I think.

If you want to get raped, stalked, or harassed, that is what will happen. So you must be deeply honest with yourself. Women like the idea of the savage encounter. It’s true. How do you be real about it, process it, and not create it? That is a very good question. I think language of love and heart.

This is all what I’ve heard from women in shares at child abuse groups.


I don’t know how you’ll find the right man. Maybe someone older. A father figure who will truly understand. Any other guy who thinks he knows everything will just try to force something. The point is to only listen and ask. And get the victim down to the their honest truth and feelings.


Stacey! You’re at a dead end. We can’t stay here.

People will keep piling up against me and it hurts.

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