Dear Stacey,

Good morning. You are beautiful. Today is the first day of the rest of your life. You may not know it, but your body is in a constant fight against cancer. Every day, for a variety of reasons, cells with mutated dna are produced all over your body. Usually, your immune system, and white blood cells, win the fight. It’s the result of the whole of your life. Your food. Your water. Your exposures. Your choices. Your perspectives. Your activities. Your mentality. Your grief. Your love. So today, make the choices that will give your body the upper edge. It might be hard. Many have lost. I can’t lose you again.

Me entire heart

Ok ok I’ll give it to you. I get it now. You can have all of it. Just be wise with it.

The details:

Whatever you make I will enjoy

Whatever you give me I will cherish

Whoever you’re friends I will respect

Whatever you do I will support

Because you’re awesome

We will parent with patience, and never ask too much of anyone

Prayer and meditation will prevail

We will take time to do what we need to do

We will plan everything and organize everything so there are never any big surprises

I will do more than my half of the work

And there shall be enjoyment of shredding

When your heart is fulfilled

I got the impression that there was this stupid attitude out there that thought I was wrong for being obsessed with her. But isn’t that the point?! I mean it’s ok to be obsessed and have space. Give me a break. I know that’s what she thinks too. You all exist in these rules that only make any sense to teenagers. Your little brains are compartmentalized because that’s the only way you know how to deal with yourselves!! Let’s get next level!

I think I went around triggering people in the last few years, especially friends, to trigger them to really look deeper, and I think that is a good thing. Like for instance, in court. It was hard but hardship is the pathway to peace. Everyone knows that. And you were so beautiful. And I’m sure you’re tired of hearing that. Everyone is beautiful. And you as well.

The purifying fire

Her ring wasn’t spectacular, but there was something odd about it. It didn’t try to steal your attention, it didn’t overwhelm you, and it didn’t really even convey much at all. It was just clear, and strong. No one could break it. And sometimes, without the sun to light up its sparkly shoulders, you couldn’t even tell there was a diamond in the middle of it. It was sort of like looking into a white hole, if there is such a thing. It was the perfect metaphor. Good diamonds are perplexing. The cut is so good and the color is so good that it’s hard to believe that it is real. It’s like when you get such good service, that you aren’t even sure if you got service.


Honestly, I don’t know why. This is just how things work. Scrambler has new owners. I have three buyers for my house before it went on the market. I’ll be firming up details with one of them on Monday. And shortly after that a 42 foot pile of fiberglass will start its journey up the coast to Santa Cruz where it will receive a new kitchen and a new home on AA dock. God has a sense of humor.

My bike and surfboard will go in her nose, and I will be sleeping in her tail. Crockpots will be the norm, and new blankets for a storm.

I just like fixing up stale sailboats, and houses, and making deals. Ohhh it’s so good.

The grey area

This is me. The grey area. I love the grey area. I always have. Anyone who knows me knows this about me. I like to just sit there in the grey area. It’s sort of a scientists dream area I think. That’s where ingenuity and real creation come from. So I hope you like grey!


Not the bag, but the person. There an entire industry centered around this exclusive reclusive can’t think of the word person who, by an educated guess made by analysis of his name, must send messages. But I’ve never encountered one of these people. Has anyone?

Ohhh man!!

Timbuk2 has done it AGAIN! I do feel I have used every venue possible to bully their marketing person into producing daily exciting marketing material, but who cares. It’s exciting marketing.

It is not your fault

But I do feel your love is contingent. I may have started that. I did not mean to. I went through some intense phases that made me unrealistically intense. Like I was in a battleground. Contingent love tears my soul apart. It doesn’t work.