Can you feel it

I got a new sewer line. The people who were hauling the dirt away had a brilliant idea. So we did it. All new sewer. Protected. Secure. And connected. I don’t think I’ve ever dig as much in my life. It was good. This is getting nerve wracking. I was supposed to sell four months ago. It was pave dire way, and sell. But then I decided to add a water line under the driveway area, so that set it back. Then the rain. Then the water line. Then the sewer. Tuesday is my absolute stop day. Home inspection is being done and pictures are being taken. I hope someone good takes this awesome little life.

Today I ate a ham breakfast burrito, half a bbq beef burrito shared with the hauler, and then some pizza shared with a friend. It was delicious. I think we moved about 3 tons of dirt. 3 yards atkeast. Plus a yard of roots. I hope this oak tree lives. It has to. It’s roots are huge.

I keep getting this feeling about our next house.

The moment. There was a moment. I had been so concerned about digging this hole that I didn’t realize that one guy had been sniveling all day. Estas enfermo? I asked. Si. Oh eres fuerte (you’re strong). Do you have kids? Yes, three. He’s out digging the barest if all of us for eight hours getting the least while he’s sick so he can pay for his family. This is what makes me the way I am. There are people who literally don’t have a choice. And they do it! It’s pretty amazing. And many of them are Mexicans. They work hard! I have a thing about work. I love it. Everything is work to me. And Los mexicanos, we get each other.

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