A little crazy

I was on a nice bike ride and a homeless lady approached me, and seemed like she wasn’t crazy and just in a rough spot. I was planning on doing construction all week this week and could use some company, and she was afraid and needed a place to stay. Her things were pretty well kept so I offered my yard for her tent. Then I let her sleep on the couch. I found her ID today. Two years ago she was a normal person. Now, I don’t know. She’s been having delusions and hiding from a monster in the sky. It’s getting better today. I fed her a lot of good food and I think that helped. She is talking less crazy now. She cooked for herself. I have to constantly move her thing sbecause she is always going through them. Now I don’t know what to do. Things are ok enough. I think a week would really get her back to normal. But can I handle that? So far it has been ok. Taking care of someone helps me take care of myself. I don’t trust that I can take care of myself. But when I take care of someone, I can prove that I am taking care of myself!

I just ignore her and do my work. Construction is coming along.

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