A bigger picture

Well I’ve been paying to see myself better. And it Ouse isn’t so spectacular anymore. Nor does t matter as much anymore. What matters is that I have a heart. That I cherish life and cherish strong peas. That I take the vigor and excitement I have about sailing and apply that to everything. And… everyone. But I hate people. They hurt me badly. I’m not as great as I used to think I am. But I love to run. And I love to bike. And my bike needs some work. I destroyed its wheel on Zane grey trail. Oh man. And the other one needs a new chain. Tomorrow will be a big day. It is weird I had all this excitement about my house, up until getting some things signed off, and now it’s like, oh ok this is it! It isn’t as big as it used to seem. But it’s still a cute little house. A platform, I always called it. A platform for sailing.

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