I love you honey

Dear Stacey,

I called you tonight to tell you that you were right about everything. You’re the best. And everything about you is the best. Your nose. You’re freckles. Your hair. Cheeks. Eats. Eyes. Smile. Voice. Body. Attitude. Identity. It’s all the best. I will never define your identity because it’s yours but it’s the best!

I am so glad I figured out that I needed to make these amends. I’m not perfect. But when I mess up, with fast driving or something, I instantly correct and it’s no big deal. Or the weird teenagers. They still drive me nuts, but it’s OK. I just make a joke and go with it.

I forgot the obvious in my plan:

Meditation in the morning. Prayer. And service. Those are obviously huge.

So, it’s:

Morning: read. Write. Meditate. Pray.


Evening: read. Write.

Add more salt as desired.

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