Your moms agent

My mom wants to buy in a Santa Cruz and I’m her agent. So we’ve been putting together a worksheet to compare homes and organizing a day for her to come down and see them all. And today was a huge road block. It started with one call saying she didn’t want to see one because the HOA didn’t receive her that well when she called. So I got down to the bottom of it and really I think she frustrated and cranky about upcoming chemotherapy. So I talked her through that a little and tried to get her big picture priorities and goals and keep that on track. Then tonight it just hit me, In really sad too. She’s doing fine so far but I never thought she would make it through this. She had another infection and another surgery this Monday. It could spiral downward fast at any moment. That’s what happened with Rudy. It’s sort of what I’m expecting. And I think a home purchase may be a bit of a denial and possibly bargaining on her end. But who cares. It’s what she wants right now. My job is to make sure it’s a good investment. And that I will do. But jeez it’s been emotional lately. I’ve held it together well but I am sort of walking around a little in denial myself. She’s the last parent. I would be the oldest left. Luckily in the last few years I coached her on what I needed from her and it worked out well for both of us. She responded and I got what I needed and our relationship got much better. And lately I’ve stood up more as the older brother rather than the abandoning immature brat. Which feels good to. It’s my place.

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