You may be scared that …

I am crazy

A lot of people can’t let go of something

Going in to the unknown

Bring a friend. Talk to someone about it. You’ll have to let go of your defense … control.

You can trust that my situations will reconcile. All I can do is do the right thing. I can’t control anyone else. Stay on my path. God will provide. I always find what I need.

You can find what you need. Keep asking until you are satisfied you have what you need!!!

And, I can golf now!

You might be afraid of me or of what you need to do. What you need to do is focus in what you need to do, and find out how to do it!

Basically what’s going on is the other side of AA. All the people who’ve wronged me are blaming me for it. That’s what’s going on! I am willing to make up my side. I didn’t do anything wrong to the people who are blaming me. That is the truth!!!!

There’s 5 of them. They lied. I don’t care. But they gossip and blame me. That’s what’s going on!! Hah!

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