Woot woot!

Found another man!

7/11 and surrounding businesses need more help, so I’m doing a community hauling day as marketing. Distributing flyers. Only people I know so there’s no issues.

Feeling so much better!!!

Got a new curtain. $20. Pulled all the weird nails in my closet walls. Removed all the old blind hangers. Fixed the blinds: removed about 15 extra slats at the bottom. Then used some of those to replace broken slats. Wow. Clear. And awesome. Like Stacey. I’m excited. You’re awesome!

I’m amending my LAYER order (look at yourself and excercise retard):

Existing order: write a 4th step every night

Read every morning and evening from a 12 step book

Additional order(s):

Write a 4th step every morning

If you have a complaint, write it out in a 4th step

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