Who du listen 2?

I think I’m listening to the wrong voice. Three weeks ago, I put all of my assets into cash. I knew the market was going to skydive. But I didn’t know why. I assumed I was thinking about North Korea. I don’t know why I knew. It’s like my brain subconsciously tracks things that I’m not even aware of and gives me hints. Then I called an investor and he said, why are you worried? I thought inside, because the market is about to take a dive! But I listened to him and re invested everything. Now I have no choice but to keep everything in. Oh well. It will pick back up.

It’s so hard for me, that me being serious, involves massive allegations that some people don’t want to hear. It’s cool though that all of my counseling work has really put me in tune with the world. It’s like I can hear the big picture. I just need to be better at then doing the right thing

I feel like there is a war against sexual inappropriateness going on. And I’m trying to fuel the fight. I think the victims have the upper hand right now. And things have just started. And I know, like when the us fought adolf, you don’t stop! You keep shelling, the hardest when you’re winning!

The US spent I think a year just prepping to enter the war. Can you imagine that? The patience? That’s how I’ve felt for the last three years. It was like, I’m losing, gotta lay low and build strength. I didn’t know what for. I’m not sure I do now. But if this is a war, now is the

time to get out the big guns! People like adolf don’t surrender. It’s all or nothing. And there are plenty of adolfs walking around.

if I could just listen to the right voice and be more patient. I pulled my investments for one night. I thing happened so I put them back. Haha! How strange is it that I knew???

I also hate women. There are a few specific reasons. One is that a woman told me something horrible when I was a kid. She wanted someone to kill her! I hated her for wanting that! That’s so bad! Why! And it happened! It was the stupidest thing I have ever heard and now I think all women are stupid and should die for their stupidity just like her! I was so frustrated as a kid, that’s how I thought! I now know that she must have been a victim of something and that was what gave her this idea. And that it is sad. And the state of many women is a sad state. And yet they are so amazing that they usually stay friendly and caring amidst so much! It is frankly, a little peculiar how they do it.

what’s important to me is that people are protected, and safe, and comfortable! It’s hard to be comfortable sometimes! I just want emotional clarity and freedom! And that is the United States!

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