What’s that?

That’s right! I am unemployed. What does this mean to you? I am not taking your money! That’s what it means! I had sat, relatively longly, and realized, for every person that has a dollar, they’ve taken that dollar from someone else! And my knees were good, my back was good, and my eyes were good. So I supposed I didn’t need anything right now. And looking ahead 80 years, if I did things in a sustainable way without damaging my knees, back, or eyes, I supposed I wouldn’t need much more for the future as well. So I pondered as I sat. After a while, I realized I had been sitting for eight months! It was time to get back to work.

What had just happened? I don’t know. It sure felt like I was working towards something, but after all of it, I didn’t think I had anything to show for it. I didn’t have a million dollars. My house was still mostly unfinished. My car … I did have a well taken care of car. That’s worth atleast $8,000. But in church on Sunday, Brandon mentioned a billion dollars. And I started laughing hysterically. I don’t have much money at all. But I felt like a billionaire. I really did. It’s an amazing feeling. I had actually prayed six years ago that I would be a billionaire. It’s funny how that works.

I suppose I had done something. I had given up a lot. And in not having anything, I had everything. It was pretty amazing. And epic. It was like when you get on your bike, and the hill in front of you goes down. Oh man! It’s like that.

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