What’s next?

Dear Stacey,

I know how beautiful you are. And I know how amazing you are. I think it’s a time to sustain. Reflect on what’s been done and how to keep it going. Work wise.

With you and me… well, what are you waiting for?

There’s a clarity inside of me that’s telling me I can’t be free without you here, my dear.

There is no next. It’s all the same stuff. Golfing. Camping. Biking. Working.

For me, the old inventory, and service, and meditation.

Diet. Exercise. Muscle tone for me. Muscle tone. It’s getting back. Slowly.

It’s not that nebulous!!!

It’s me. I confused everything. Nebulous. The defense to honesty and reality.

What’s next, a super awesome scripture I found.

Put your gaze ahead, focus on your path, look where you put your feet, and you will never fall. I practiced this all day today. Simple. Secure. Honest. Nothing extra. It got me everything I needed without people pleasing.

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